After working hard your entire life to provide for your family, you should not allow the Oklahoma Probate
Code and the courts to decide how your assets are distributed. When you die without a will, you are
considered to die intestate and your property will pass in accordance with the descent and distribution
provisions of the Oklahoma Probate Code. Sometimes these individuals are the same you would provide for
under your will, but not always. When you die with a will, the beneficiaries named under your will inherit
your property exactly as you specify. If you die without a will, the cost to probate your estate is substantially
higher because of additional requirements, such as filing a determination of heirship with the court to decide
the rightful heirs of your estate. This procedure is not necessary when the beneficiaries of your estate are
named in your will. In addition to the increased expense, the probate process is substantially more time
consuming if a dependent administration is required in which the court has to approve every action taken by
the administrator. On the other hand, an independent executor named in your will administers your estate
with minimal court supervision. This allows the probate process to be completed in a timely and cost
effective manner.  Should you not have a will, contact us today to discuss the drafting of your will.  Our
fees are usually based on a flat fee which includes expenses.  Talk to a Tulsa Will Lawyer Today.
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