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Reduced Fines When Your Ticket is Reduced?

A factor in the total cost of a ticket that people sometimes fail to consider is the possible reduction of charges. Because the final amount of your fine depends almost entirely on the section of the law that you plead guilty to or are convicted of committing, agreeing to a reduction of charges – such as a lower speed, non-speeding ticket, or parking ticket – can dramatically reduce how much a Texas speeding ticket costs.

For example, say you get a speeding ticket for traveling 83mph in a 65mph zone. If you plead guilty, you will be assessed a fine plus accrue points on your driving record. If you plead not guilty, however, and are able to secure a plea bargain to a 0 point violation then your fine would be assessed accordingly. Typically, the less serious the conviction, the lower the fine and other penalties.

Only you can decide what course of action is best for your particular situation. If you will be seeking legal counsel, however, please consider our office for your representation. We have been representing clients charged with traffic violations and misdemeanors in Texas for many years. We offer affordable fees in most courts and appear on your behalf in most cases without you having to attend. We offer free consultations by phone, email, and in-person at our office. For a free consultation of your case, please contact us with the details of your case.

How does Workers’ Compensation Apply to Workers in the Construction Industry?

The first thing you will need to find out is whether or not your employer is a workers’ comp insurance subscriber or non-subscriber. This may seem like a straightforward question and answer, but the truth is, many low to mid-level construction managers may not have the answer or understand the question. The higher your manager has to go up the food chain to get an answer, the longer you will have to wait, and the response may be incomprehensible. The attorneys at our Law Office are here to help you navigate through the bureaucratic mess and ensure that you are compensated fairly.

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warning sign at construction site, multiple cranes working in the background

Workers’ compensation provides compensation to workers injured on the job while at the same time providing subscribers with a high degree of immunity to lawsuits, except in the rare case that a worker dies and the employer was grossly negligent. In this case, the worker’s family may file a wrongful death lawsuit. Due to the current legal structure of the workers’ compensation insurance system, if you are injured doing construction work for a company that carries workers’ compensation insurance, you cannot file a work injury claim.

If You Can’t Sue Your Employer Because he or she has Workers’ Comp Insurance, What Can You do?

You may be able to file a lawsuit against other parties to recover financial damages or get the relief you need. Other defendants in construction accident cases often include property owners who own or control the job site, other contractors, the general contractor, equipment manufacturers, and leasing companies.

Any of these other defendants could provide you with additional compensation to pay for your injuries. Our attorneys can conduct thorough investigations to determine exactly how your accident occurred, and identify all potential defendants in your case. We are dedicated to finding every possible source to secure the compensation you need.

What Benefits Should You Expect to Receive Under Workers’ Comp?

Up to 70% of any wages lost during recovery time in which you were unable to work.
Note: the max on this is capped at $600/week.
If the injury impairs you for life and renders you unable to return to work, you may be entitled to this benefit for the rest of your life.
Per diem compensation for mileage driven to and from places where you obtained medical treatment, prescriptions, and other necessary medical supplies.
100% coverage or reimbursement for any medical treatment, prescriptions, or over-the-counter medications and supplies related to the specific injury in question.

There are many Texas car accident lawyers who can help you deal properly with a car accident that occurs within the state of Texas.

Accident Statistics in Texas

This was an increase of nearly 5.45% from the previous year, in which 3,578 fatalities occurred. TDOT statistics from 2016 also reveal the following: 1 person was killed in a Texas traffic accident every 2 hours and 20 minutes. … 26% of the people killed in traffic accidents lost their lives in drunk driving accidents. In addition to these fatalities, a larger number of injuries, many of which are fortunately mild, were the result of various avoidable accidents that occurred throughout the state.

Accident Lawyers
A view of an overturned truck on an highway in an accident.

Out of all the accidents that occur within Texas, around 70% are said to be caused by roadway departures. Improper use of intersections also cause 21% of these car accidents. A smaller number, but significant nonetheless, of these car accidents, at 10%, involve large trucks.

If you have suffered because of a Texas car accident, you should know your rights and what Texas laws say about car accidents. The best source of help for this type of information are Texas car accident lawyers.

What Texas Laws Say

Don’t let varying state laws on car accidents confuse you. Enlist the help of Texas car accident attorneys who can fill you in on the special statutes of the state when it comes to car accidents.
After a Texas accident, you can sue for compensation of your medical expenses, lost income, loss of earning capacity, and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering compensation.

Knowing the damage compensation that you are entitled to will help minimize the overall suffering caused by the ordeal. If you are unfamiliar with the laws and are incapable of seeking compensation, then the assistance of auto accident lawyers is of extreme importance to you.

Steps in Finding a Good Texas Lawyer

To find a good car accident attorney who can help you defend your case and make your clams, compile a list of car accident lawyers and then evaluate each lawyer by looking into their past records. Take note of cases that are similar to yours. Lawyers with good track records and good reputations should be placed on top of your list.
Next, ask for a free consultation from these lawyers and in the process, find out how much they would charge if they take your case. Be sure to ask whether the lawyer charges contingency fees or if they charge by the hour.

Contingency fees are portions of your settlement, which the lawyer gets when you win the case (usually a percentage basis and may be quite high). If a lawyer charges a contingency fee, ask what percentage he will charge you. car accident lawyers

Also, find out which car accident lawyers are members of the Texas official lawyers association or the American Association for Justice. This raises their credibility and is a sign of their commitment to good quality legal services.

Do’s: Get help from a lawyer who operates within Texas.
Don’ts: Do not choose the first lawyer you find. Evaluate lawyers properly to get good quality service.

The Verdict
Motorists are at high risk of getting into car accidents. To protect yourself, make sure to drive carefully and follow traffic laws. Learn to be a defensive driver. You can’t always count on the other person to pay attention!

If you do get into an accident, minimize the damages you suffer by seeking the assistance of car accident lawyers, who can help you seek fair compensation for your suffering.